So poor Carly Fiorina speaks truth to…well, not power, I think it was CNN, and says, no, Sarah Palin couldn't have run HP (*) so the RNC has now packed her up and sent her into hiding. That was funny. (**) But now, they wheel out the new token female voice of the McCain campaign, not-actually-on-the-ticket category, with bonus "used to be a Hillary fundraiser" credentials, and her name is Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild?

No, you are shitting me. No way. We're in the middle of a gigantic economic meltdown, and John "I've been a populist since at least late last week" McCain rolls out a TITLED ROTHSCHILD?!?!

A Titled Rothschild who, on the second day of her new career, piled on the "economic whiners" theme of the campaign by actually calling people rednecks?


What's that thing you call it when you're so far beyond caricature, self-parody, and farce that you can't even remember how to spell them? I think we've arrived.

* to be fair, she said none of the candidates or running mates could have run HP. Which when you consider how BAD A JOB she did at it, is pretty damning.

** also, mrowr, catfight!

4 responses to “WHAT. WHAT.

  1. My favorite part of this episode was when Lady Rothschild explained that she couldn't support Obama because he's an èlitist.

  2. The funniest part for me is that she's saying Obama gets on her nerves because he is an elitist.

  3. Time to look for Alan Funt, I guess. We are apparently living the bastard love child of Candid Camera and Saturday Night Live.

  4. Her tenure at the top was even shorter than Meg Whitman's. They're going through vaguely waspy female ex-CEOs at an astounding rate.

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